About Clare Flint

Clare Flint grew up in Birmingham before moving to Devon. She holds a BA(Hons), PG Dip and MA in Fine Art.

Over the last fifteen years Clare has produced an immense body of work. This includes oil paintings, pastels, thousands of drawings and her largest work to date; The Inner Scream - a 30 ft high and 18 ft long triptych.

Viewers say there's a raw, underlying strength to her art. Clare has a startling ability to interpret people's hidden feelings and emotions through the characters in her paintings. Fear, anger, isolation, vanity, hatred, kindness and love, are exposed within the faces.

As a socially-committed artist she continues to investigate the impact of social, political and cultural changes. (She painted the London riots of 2011 two years before they happened.) The main influences are Italian Renaissance painting. Her preferred medium oil on canvas.